January 17

In Progress

For anyone who wonders why I rarely publish romance novels under my own name, the answer is because I generally prefer to write under a pen name or am often too busy ghostwriting for others. I do, however, have a number of works in progress which will be published soon.

If you’re interested, these are my works in progress. This is what I am currently working on (as Tina Adams):

A Funny Thing About Flowers series: three wallflowers whose lives are forever changed because of a mysterious blossom found in their bedchamber.

A ROSE AMONG THORNS: Book 1 – A Funny Thing About Flowers
THE SWEETEST LILY: Book 2 – A Funny Thing About Flowers
AN IRIS AT MIDNIGHT: Book 3 – A Funny Thing About Flowers

The Cousin Cavendish Scandals series: three cousins who cannot imagine a worse fate than the lonely life of a spinster decide if they haven’t fallen in love by the end of their first season scandal is the surest way to the altar.

THEN CAME SCANDAL: Book 1 – Cousin Cavendish Scandals

Then Came Scandal

As the Season drew to an end, leaving both her hand and heart unencumbered, Olivia Cavendish knew what she must do: force her way to the altar. Bound by her honor to the pact she had made with her cousins, she made plans for a task most dishonorable…but how was a lady to go about getting herself compromised when her best friend’s wickedly handsome brother kept getting in her way at every turn?

Piers Weston had but one regrettable duty: to keep his sister out of trouble. It should have been easy. He’d dare say it would have-if not for those Cavendish cousins!-and most especially Olivia. Appalled by her plans, as he’d straitly informed her, Piers did his best to prevent her utterly mucking up her life. But drawn to her in a way no woman had ever drawn him before, he could not resist letting her wreak havoc upon his own … until, of course, came scandal.

A SCANDAL IN WINTER: Book 2 – Cousin Cavendish Scandals
SCANDAL, MY LOVE: Book 3 – Cousin Cavendish Scandals

The Hunters Of Fortune series: three noble peers recently inherited penniless titles and are now on the hunt for wealthy brides.

AN UNLIKELY HEIRESS: Book 1 – Hunters Of Fortune
TO HEIRESS, WITH LOVE: Book 2 – Hunters Of Fortune
THE HEIRESS OF THEM ALL: Book 3 – Hunters Of Fortune

The Rogues Assembly series: three eldest sons who have yet to inherit decide the easiest way to avoid matrimony is to comport themselves as villains.

A RAKE’S PROMISE: Book 1 – Rogues Assembly
A ROGUE’S VOW: Book 2 – Rogues Assembly
NEVER TRUST A SCOUNDREL: Book 3 – Rogues Assembly