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WARNING: The following romance fiction ghostwriter profile contains references to the type of experience, rates, preferences, and skills one might reasonably expect to see on a daily basis from a professional romance fiction writer and ghostwriter.

This profile may cause squeamishness, bulging eyes, dropped stomach sensations, swearing, perspiration, and even twisted lips warped by the sneering, derisive, selfish senses of humor in persons who are only looking to make a quick buck, prospective clients with empty purses, ill-fitting budgets, or little to no understanding of what it takes to not only plan an entire novel or series of novels and write it in a ridiculously short amount of time in comparison with the release schedules of most traditionally published authors but to also do those things so well readers will happily surrender their hard earned money to consume what has been written.

If you experience any of these sensations while viewing this profile, please move along. I am neither desperate for clients nor a cheap writer.


* * *

Experienced, multi-published romance fiction author and ghostwriter
30+ years experience – writing and ghostwriting romance fiction is the “day job”
Rates: $0.12 per word | $1,200 per 10,000 words
Turn-around time: 7 days per 10,000 words
Clean copy (saves you money on editing)
100% Original work – no plagiarism
No References: current and previous client list is confidential
Samples available on request

This writer:

* Prefers full creative freedom but is willing to let you dictate
* Writes equally as well from an outline or by the seat of the pants
* Is very good at pulling characters and series-long plots your readers will love from thin air
* Writes from third person POV

Proficient at writing in the following romance fiction sub-genres:

* contemporary
* Western historical (including mail order bride)
* Regency era historical
* early Americana
* paranormal
* and medieval (including Scottish/Highlander)

Preferred type of stories to write:

* best friends to lovers
* boy/girl next door
* bosses who fall for their assistants (including billionaire bosses)
* new adults
* lords, ladies, dukes, earls, balls and fans behind which much gossip is whispered
* ranchers, trackers, horse breeders, gunslingers, other redeemable outlaw types on the old Western frontier
* gods, demi-gods, angels, demons
* witches, ghosts, vampires, magic
* rogues, rakes, and lovable scoundrels of all types

Not interested in writing:

* Doom, gloom, end of the world and darkness or shape shifters outside the gods/angels/demons realm. No dogs, cats, rabbits, bears, dragons, dinosaurs, lions, whales, phoenix, or chicken men (or women), please.
* Gay/Homosexual/Menage
* Erotica/Porn