September 24

Authors, Where Are Your Eggs?

I read a post today from an author who had almost twenty books in her backlist. This author has been a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author but went independent and was depressed when her latest release didn’t get any traction in what she called a saturated market.

Do I believe the romance fiction (or any fiction genre market, for that matter) is saturated? Continue reading

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September 7

Sweet Romance?

Looks like Hallmark has decided to publish sweet (hugs and kisses only) romances.

Authors, wouldn’t it be great to get in their lineup right from the beginning? Maybe you are too busy with other stories and don’t have time to put anything together but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t still have a chance to be one of the first to take advantage of this publishing opportunity.

How? Hire a ghostwriter (hint, hint).

As it turns out, I’ve written quite a few of the type of sweet romances their submission guidelines ask for (a few within this past year) and would love to work on a series worthy of submission for you. If you’d like to discuss it, visit my ghostwriting page and leave a message. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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August 15

Why Romance? This is MY Why

All of my life since I can remember thinking (which was when I was around two years of age) I’ve known love was important – not just for me but for everyone.

In my experience, there is nothing greater than love. It is so powerful – the greatest power there is. This is what I know, what I believe in, and because I know it and believe in it, I want to share it with the world. Continue reading

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August 15

Infinity Squared (or 88 Days) – Something Is Coming Romance Writers Won’t Want To Miss

Did you know several years back I created a training course for people who wanted to learn to write romance novels?

Great course, too. Perfect for beginners. The course (initially called the “Magic Formula”) took beginning romance writers through the process of writing their first novel from Once Upon A Time until The End. Simple. Basic. Fairly comprehensive without being unnecessarily cluttered with information a beginning writer really doesn’t need.

People happily paid from $97 to $597 for the course and LOVED IT. I’ve never had a complaint from people who bought it and used it to write their books.

I remember there was this one woman who had a computer failure more than a year after she had purchased it and one day she emailed me asking if she could gt another copy because she was in the middle of her third book and didn’t feel she could finish it without the information in my course. Truly humbling experience for me. I was thrilled she put so much stock in my teachings and not only that, but that they had helped her write THREE romance novels. Not one, but three. Totally cool.

I’m getting ready to offer a wholly re-worked, brand new iteration of that initial course – a revitalized, specialized training for aspiring romance writers containing not only the original material from the original course but lots of brand new material that comes from my experiences writing and ghostwriting romance novels for clients and myself during the past eight years. That’s what the title of this blog refers to: Infinity Squared (88) means I have set a tentative release date for the new training scheduled for the ninth of November, 2017, which is 88 days from today.

Could it happen sooner? Well, yeah, but I want to make sure I’ve included plenty of helpful information for those of you who are where I was all those years ago, who are just starting out, and I just want to give myself plenty of time to do that.

So anyway, there you have it. Something’s on it’s way-something cool-and if “new to writing romance and in need of direction” is you, I hope you’ll be on the lookout for it.


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June 14

Available Cozy Cover Designs

Available for purchase – $50 each. Only ONE of each design will be sold.
Click Here To Purchase A Cover

FOR SALE: $50 USD each.
Click Here To Purchase A Cover

Let me know in the “notes” section which cover you are purchasing, the author name, title of the book, and any accolades to be added to the cover. Double-check spelling before you send and make sure you include everything you want on there before you hit send.


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May 19

Preview: A Little Dialogue Snippet

Chapter One

“I think it’s terribly sad.”

“What do you mean?”

She pointed toward the painting. “To be separated from your one true love for all eternity because of a piece of jewelry.”

“Yeah. But it’s not really the necklace that keeps them apart. It’s not knowing where it is.”

“Someone must know.”

“No one living today. She died over an hundred years ago but her body was never found. Neither was the necklace.”

“Aren’t there stories about her death? About how she fell to her death from the tower window? Someone had to have seen her body to know that.”

“I don’t know. Maybe it went missing after they found her dead.”

“You mean someone stole her body? Why? Oh, wait. To get the necklace, I suppose.”

“Most likely.”

“What about the ghost? How did he die?”

“Some say he was poisoned. Some say he took his own life when he discovered his love was dead. But the most probable is the stories that say he drowned in the sea in the cove behind the manor.”

“I suppose his body was never found, either?”

“It was, actually. On the beach. They buried him there, in that little grove of trees, but they only managed to inter his body. His spirit still wanders the mansion in want of his lost love.”

“There has to be a way to help him find rest. How terrible it must be to roam the ‘in between’ for eternity, pining for a love you can no longer have.”

“You’re such a romantic. Why don’t you have a love of your own to pine after?”

“No one meets my standards, I suppose. Plus, I’m kind of plain.”

“I hadn’t noticed. Well, if you’re done here, it’s past time for me to close up.”

“Yes, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to keep you.”

“No problem. You’ll be back tomorrow?”

“Maybe. This is my first time home in five years. I want to go up to the manor. It galls me that I’ll have to buy a ticket to get inside the house I once called home, but I suppose I will if I must.”

“If she cannot raise enough money off sales from the tours to pay the taxes, she has to leave. The manor will be auctioned off. Maybe you should spend your time outside trying to frighten the curious away?”

“To what end? Even if she is forced to auction, I haven’t the means to bid. My childhood home is still lost to me.”

“You’re really just interested in trying to see the ghost, aren’t you?”

“I’ve seen him before. At least I think I have. When I was young.”

“Now you’re pushing it. Unless you want to try and convince me that not only are ghosts real but you can see them.”

“It’s possible. Anything is possible if you believe.”

“Yeah? Well then, I suppose it is possible you could see your ghost friend tomorrow. If you do, ask him about the necklace. It’s worth a bloody fortune. If you could find it, you’d definitely have enough to buy the place—ten times over.”

“Maybe I will.”

“Goodnight. And welcome home.”

“Thanks. See you tomorrow.”

Chapter Two

“That mean old witch! She wouldn’t sell me a ticket. Said the tour was limited and then stood there daring me to protest while she locked the front gate.”

“Did you?”

“Did I what?”

“Oh. No. I should have. I wanted to. But I didn’t. What are you doing today?”

“A lot of sweeping up. You wouldn’t believe the dust that gets tracked over these floors, even from a few visitors a day.”

“Want some help? Since I am not allowed inside the manor, I don’t have anything else to do.”

“I guess you’re just going to let him suffer, then.”


“Your ghost friend. The one who is so lost without his love he cannot cross over into the ever after.”

“I thought you didn’t believe in ghosts?”

“Never said I didn’t believe in them. Just wondered if you would admit to having seen one is all.”

“And now you want me to help when I can’t even get inside the manor. You’re a puzzle, you know that?”

“Trying to piece me together? Struggling to see where I fit?”

“If you don’t have another broom, I suppose I’ll go back to the hotel. Surf the ‘net.”

“Or you could go for a swim. The cove is a public beach. The witchtress can’t stop you from hanging out down there.”

“It is particularly humid today.”

“You probably don’t even own a bikini.”

“What makes you say that?”

“You wear so many clothes it’s impossible to guess whether you actually have a shape beneath them or not. It’s easy to figure you don’t like to put your body on display.”

“I put it on display. Sometimes. Mostly for the lights in the tanning booth at the salon near my apartment, but…”

“So you do have one?”

“A bikini or a shape?”


“Both, actually. Not that you’ll ever know. But I think I will go for a swim now that you’ve mentioned the cove is public. Maybe the ghost will have grown tired of the witchtress and gone for a bit of a swim himself.”

“Didn’t know they did that.”

“If you’re referring to ghosts and whether or not they swim, you might want to brush up on your ability to recognize the signs.”

“Sarcasm tags. They were clearly surrounding my quip, but you missed them by a mile.”

“You’re a cheeky little thing, aren’t you?”

“Only when I’m wearing a bikini!”

(C)8-3-2015 Tina Adams. All Rights Reserved.

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May 11

Something Forgotten…

Several years ago, I was talking with my daughter about doing what everyone else is doing; going with the flow. Keeping yourself on par with the crowd so you fit in and how I thought doing any of those was a bad idea.

“If everyone is doing it, it’s not original.” That was basically what I told her. And to, you know–BE ORIGINAL.

A few days ago, I realized it was time I reapplied this philosophy to myself and my business. I had forgotten–several things. I mis-remembered to recall that nobody cares if you’re pretty much the same as everyone else (which we all are).

People want to know your edge.

They want to know how you’re different and why.

Samenesses aren’t what set us apart from the rest of the world. Differences do.

So I reminded myself what is different about me and what I do, why I am able to do it, and that it is those very differences which make my services worth the price I ask for doing them.

I also reminded myself I don’t need anyone’s permission to know the value of what I have to offer.

When I say my ghostwriting rates are between twelve and fifteen cents per word, I already KNOW it’s because I’ve spent more than thirty years learning how to write the kind of romances that romance readers love to read…so much so they spend their hard-earned money to be able to do so.

Given all I’ve learned during the past thirty years, I know when I write a story for a client, it is going to sell. I know this. I know because I would never create a story for a client I myself would not enjoy reading. As a romance reader myself, I am my own worst critic. I write what I know readers want to read–and I charge clients accordingly.

When I quote $297 for a cover design, it’s because I’ve already spent YEARS of my time looking at what is available, what actually sells, and what people “tell you they will buy” but don’t. It’s worth $297 to get a cover that sells. Right?

When I ask for payment for private mentoring via chat or messaging, I am spending my time to help someone else do what I do, and to do it more easily than they might have done without my help…and when I charge people who want to learn what I can teach them about writing romances, I already know every penny they will pay is money well spent.

Why? Because my system works and since it works, it saves TIME.

Time is valuable.

It is worth saving when and if you can save it because no one knows how much they actually have and, just like me, once yours is gone you cannot get it back.

This is why I price my services the way I do: when I work for you, I spend my time on something that is going to save you time. It is an honest, equitable exchange, value for value.

And I am glad I remembered that this is so.



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