August 15

Why Romance? This is MY Why

All of my life since I can remember thinking (which was when I was around two years of age) I’ve known love was important – not just for me but for everyone.

In my experience, there is nothing greater than love. It is so powerful – the greatest power there is. This is what I know, what I believe in, and because I know it and believe in it, I want to share it with the world.

As I grew older and began to read romance novels, I felt an inexplicable connection with the message in the stories I was reading. A part of myself, a part of my soul, spoke up. It said, “This is it. This is how you can reach others and share with them what you know and believe about love – with love.”

I learned to write it.

It took years, but I learned how to turn the emotional process of falling in love into a story that other people could read and actually FEEL the love being created and growing between my characters through the power of a story I devised.

With words, I affect people. With the words of my story, I touch their emotions and through this I am able to move them, just as love moves us all.

I’m the first to acknowledge and admit I’m nuts about the whole idea of love. I think everyone should experience the fullness of it, be able to bask in the awesomeness of it, and revel in how it changes everything it touches in a good way.

Love is a *magical* feeling. It’s warm and safe and inspiring. It lifts us up above all the downs life throws at us and gives us hope for a better day, a better year, a better life!

Love promises each of us something more, something grand and glorious and wonderful and it is the ability and desire to be, have, and achieve this “more” that I wish for everyone.

When I began to write romance (and when I offered a writing course to help teach others to do the same) I did it because I wanted to help people feel what I feel, so they could know what I know, and perhaps someday come to understand why I believe what I believe.

I wanted to bring people hope, to encourage them by providing something inspiring in their lives that might lead them to the confidence that they could actually do, have, and be something more, something better.

As a ghostwriter and writing mentor, my mission remains the same: to help my students and clients become successful romance fiction authors who can reach other people through their stories, touch their lives and hearts, to make them feel and believe in the awesome power of love.


Stories about love.

Stories about people in situations who grow and change into better people because of love.

Love is my why.

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