August 15

Infinity Squared (or 88 Days) – Something Is Coming Romance Writers Won’t Want To Miss

Did you know several years back I created a training course for people who wanted to learn to write romance novels?

Great course, too. Perfect for beginners. The course (initially called the “Magic Formula”) took beginning romance writers through the process of writing their first novel from Once Upon A Time until The End. Simple. Basic. Fairly comprehensive without being unnecessarily cluttered with information a beginning writer really doesn’t need.

People happily paid from $97 to $597 for the course and LOVED IT. I’ve never had a complaint from people who bought it and used it to write their books.

I remember there was this one woman who had a computer failure more than a year after she had purchased it and one day she emailed me asking if she could gt another copy because she was in the middle of her third book and didn’t feel she could finish it without the information in my course. Truly humbling experience for me. I was thrilled she put so much stock in my teachings and not only that, but that they had helped her write THREE romance novels. Not one, but three. Totally cool.

I’m getting ready to offer a wholly re-worked, brand new iteration of that initial course – a revitalized, specialized training for aspiring romance writers containing not only the original material from the original course but lots of brand new material that comes from my experiences writing and ghostwriting romance novels for clients and myself during the past eight years. That’s what the title of this blog refers to: Infinity Squared (88) means I have set a tentative release date for the new training scheduled for the ninth of November, 2017, which is 88 days from today.

Could it happen sooner? Well, yeah, but I want to make sure I’ve included plenty of helpful information for those of you who are where I was all those years ago, who are just starting out, and I just want to give myself plenty of time to do that.

So anyway, there you have it. Something’s on it’s way-something cool-and if “new to writing romance and in need of direction” is you, I hope you’ll be on the lookout for it.


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